John Casson’s company Securewest International launches new travel risk management service

Thursday 16 March 2017

John Casson’s company Securewest International celebrates its 30th anniversary on 4 April 2017.

The company has gone a long way since John founded it as a one-man operation after leaving the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary in 1987.

With the world a more dangerous place for travellers, John’s company has launched a new service, called Sphere, for those travelling to areas of the world where they may be at risk.

Sphere is an innovative travel risk management platform, powered by Securewest International.

Sphere enables the seamless risk management of all aspects of international travel in a world where emerging risks can harm people and their assets. Sphere supports ‘duty of care’ obligations by an employer or individual, providing a solution that prepares, safeguards and responds should the need arise.

Sphere links to your travel management company and can integrate with your travel itineraries and updates, allowing you to control your international travel in real time.

Providing global emergency response, Sphere has a comprehensive range of capabilities, including tracking and intelligence updates, which enable you to follow your personnel all over the world and send alerts if the area the individual or group are travelling in becomes of high risk.

Securewest International has produced a short, informative video on Sphere, which can be viewed at:

If you would like to receive further information on Sphere, please contact Securewest International.

John, who is the chairman of Securewest International, said: ‘Long gone are the days when people could travel to areas of risk – that nowadays can even include Europe – without reasonable measures to safeguard themselves. There is a real market for the service we are offering, and once again Securewest International is at the forefront of the security industry.’