Police volunteers needed for the BVI

British Virgin Islands devastated by Hurricane Irma – a request for help from serving and former police officers

When the British Virgin Islands, a UK territory in the Caribbean, was struck by Hurricane Irma, the islands were decimated. Homes were seriously damaged or destroyed by the high winds and flooding, power and communications failed, and the infrastructure on the islands collapsed.

Where law and order was concerned, 150 prisoners from the island’s prison escaped during the hurricane, 40 of whom were considered very dangerous. Many but not all have since been recaptured. Across the islands there was, in places, a total breakdown of law and order, accompanied by widespread looting.

If that was not enough, the islands were hit again by the equally powerful Hurricane Maria!

The islands have a population of 22,000, with thousands more second-home owners. The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force has only 240 officers. Even with the 50 UK police officers who have been sent to the islands to help law enforcement, the numbers are woefully inadequate to support the relief effort and prevent looting or other criminal activity.

John Casson, who served as a Devon and Cornwall police officer, has years of experience of organising and delivering support to other countries. His biography can be read here.

Would you be interested in volunteering to be part of an unpaid team of serving and former police officers who will go out to the British Virgin Islands to help with policing and security?

It is anticipated that once on the British Virgin Islands, you would be sworn in as police officers, as the present UK police contingent out there have been.

If you were accepted, you may be required to travel at comparatively short notice.

Travel, basic accommodation and food will be provided, as will uniform.

You must:

  • have served as a regular police officer for at least five years and with ‘exemplary’ conduct
  • be fit and healthy
  • be comfortable in a hot and at times humid environment

Duties will include, but not be limited to:

  • community patrol, to give the islands’ residents much-needed reassurance
  • overseeing the distribution of aid
  • protection of vulnerable property and infrastructure

If you would like to know more, please email John Casson to arrange a time for a telephone or Skype/Facetime discussion.

We can make a real difference and help the people of the British Virgin Islands in their time of great need. They have never experienced anything like this before, and they need support. This is a unique opportunity to help.

Please apply here