John Casson honoured by the United States Marine Corps league

Thursday 22 August 2013

John Casson honoured by the United States Marine Corps League


Photo shows the Distinguished Service Award.

John Casson has been honoured by the United States Marine Corps League with their ‘Distinguished Service Award’.

The citation reads:

In appreciation and gratitude for meritorious service in the interest of the United States of America, The United States Marine Corps and the Marine Corps League in recognition of your outstanding leadership in coordinating the Exercise Tiger Memorial Program honoring our fallen comrades and the civilian population who were required to vacate their homes for the success of the War Effort.

Awarded this 4th day of August 2013

John and his team organised a weekend last April to commemorate Exercise Tiger and the mass evacuation that accompanied it. The evacuation took place over five weeks at the end of 1943, and Exercise Tiger was conducted on the 28 April 1944.

Almost 1,000 young American servicemen died during these practice landings at Slapton Sands and Lyme Bay, which were the prelude to D-Day.

To facilitate the critical training, almost 30,000 acres of land and 3,000 local people had to be evacuated in the Slapton Sands area of South Devon.

In response to James Tuohy, National Commandant of the United States Marine Corps League, who signed the Distinguished Service Award, John said: ‘It has been my honour to recognise this important event and your servicemen and the special relationship between our two nations.’